Art Of Change

‘I’m unique, perfectly imperfect!’

In recent years, we have learned to reevaluate tradition and craftsmanship. We are continuing this trend in a new way. Making new traditions and using our creativity. This brings our authenticity to the fore. After all, every person is unique, and with that comes a unique style. We are creating a unique home and a unique garden that really and only suits us. We love things with a handmade look. Imperfections, anomalies and flaws appeal to us. No human is the same, and no product is the same. There is another deeper reason for choosing products with a crafted look. Perfection is out of style, we want to see those flaws. Seams, dents, blemishes – it’s allowed! Obviously, this is a reflection of ourselves. We are not perfect either, and that is okay to show.

Imperfect – Warm – Authentic – Handicraft – Charming – Cozy

In my lovable culture of unique finds and authentic statements, with intuition and tradition as the driving force,
I seduce you with heartwarming shades and unbeatable charm.

Meet the Change Artist

The ‘Change Artist’ is by nature a steadfast type with perfectionist traits. Brené Brown’s book; The Gifts of Imperfection, stimulates him to let go of perfectionism, let go of stress as a lifestyle and give room to creativity. A newfound trust in his own intuition forms the basis of interior and garden design. He enjoys comfort but considers reliability and solidity more important.

These days, he rises with the affirmation: ‘I am unique, perfectly imperfect.’ By now, he has mastered the art of change, and he is more than happy to show it off. The purposefully cosy living style underlines this. When visiting this type, beware. The Change Artist has enormous powers of persuasion. He is as charming as his living style. Before you know it, your home will also be full of handicrafts in heartwarming shades.

This is what the interior looks like

The Art of Change interior is peerlessly personal with a warm feel. Quirky yet chic, filled with both trinkets from days out and bold statements. A metal table with wooden legs, an asymmetrical pot on a base, a plant in a large basket. In this house, basically anything goes, as long as it meets two conditions. First, the product must have something authentic, such as a handmade look or special story. Secondly, it must blend into the whole. The choice of colour is crucial here. Because in this eclectic mix of finds and statements, it is the browns, ochres and reds that are holding things together.

This is what the garden looks like

No product is the same, and that is something worth seeing. This brings authenticity into focus. The Art of Change style creates a unique home with garden. We see products with a handmade look, with dents and blemishes. The fact that a product is solid and reliable is important to the Change Artist, but if a product brings a story with it, it’ s a real win. Culture and traditions have enormous appeal to this type. Pottery with obvious hand-worked texture is the hit. Dark brown cement in which the raw texture gives each pot its own look. Large, sympathetically shaped aluminium with Marrakesh motif. Cylindrical ceramics with artistic dripe-glaze. Delightful colours derived from brown and ochre. But also eco-friendly plastic in welcoming shades.

Trend room in de showroom

In our showrooms, you can truly experience the trends for 2023! For the Art Of Change trend, we recreated a restaurant that models sympathy and tradition. With set tables, a wardrobe, cosy arrangements and more that fit this style super well. This trend room acts as a 4d moodboard and inspiration for your shop. We welcome you to our showrooms!