Mind Full Color

‘Bursting out of my bubble’

No longer do we worry about things that don’t matter. We recognize that most problems are created by ourselves. Our minds expand and sharpen. We learn to be grateful for what we have. It is precisely this gratitude that allows us to enjoy ourselves even more. We are worth it! We are bursting out of our bubble to proudly show who we really are. This is done with luxurious materials and bold, eye-catching colours. The free-spirited approach oozes strength and energy. It’s addictive. Everyone longs for a bold life, where one’s true nature can be expressed without fear. Colours help express emotions, and they support our identity.

Colorful – Luxurious – Proud – Brave – Intense – Creative

Passionately driven by luxury and graphic design, I consciously reveal who I really am, gratefully inspired by the powerful influence of colour and contrast.

Meet the Mindful Colorist

This ‘Mindful Colorist’ is a true enthusiast. He expresses this enthusiasm not with words but with actions. While bursting out of his own bubble, he colours his home and life. Jean-Gabriel Causse’s book, The Power of Colour, could have come from his hand. He has a weakness for luxury and graphic design. This results in an industrial living style with boyish appeal.

His home is undeniably rich in colour and character. This is a contrast to his calm personality; instead, he is grounded and controlled. Aware, he enjoys every moment without being rushed by others. He exudes confidence, and is a master at listening. For him, sharing his personal adventure requires no effort. The house and garden tell the story for him. This modern creative approach is contagious, inspiring family and friends to burst their bubble too.

This is what the interior looks like

After spending time living in his own bubble, the Mindful Colourist is now ready to take flight. He has learned to live from his heart. Self-aware, focusing on what really matters. Now he is crawling out of his shell to proudly show who he really is. He does so being an influencer type, full on, with all the trimmings. Not with words, but with brave choices of colour, material and design. With luxury materials such as glass and glazed ceramics in yummy eye-catching colours. Bowls with exclusive prints by local artists. Flattering eye-catchers are a must in this colourful loft with a pinch of gold and bronze bling-bling.

This is what the garden looks like

This garden style is chic and ruthless. This type is not afraid! Colour and size do not deter him. By choosing thoughtful designs, he creates a balanced look. Industrial at its most colorful. XL enamel pottery in brilliant green and blue. Large ceramic pots with grandiose glaze and graphic features. Enthusiastically colored metal pots. There is without doubt a flower pot with gold shiny top layer somewhere. The choice of products is downright creative, industrial and intense. The Mindful Colorist likes that. He likes to stand out from the crowd but it has to be powerful and beautiful. Mind full Color garden is straightforward with a clever cover.

Trend room in the showrooms

In our showrooms, you can truly experience the trends for 2023! For the Mind Full Colour trend, we recreated a hotel that is a model for colourful luxury. With check-in desk, lobby, large pots and more which goes super well with this style. This trend room acts as an 4D mood board and inspiration for your shop. We welcome you to our showrooms! Or save time and energy and let your account manager do the walking, by scheduling a video call.