The Soft Shift

‘Keep calm and cocoon’

Personal development and self-growth are on the agenda. A transformational process can be intense. In the midst of it, you have to learn to keep cool. This is best done in an environment that provides energy, so you can grow and enjoy yourself at your own pace. Calm colours that radiate positivity form the basis. Like a safe cocoon in which you can emerge into your best self. Light colours with a warm finish. Soft, rough surfaces and, above all, lots of natural elements.

Calm – Energy – Cool – Positive – Soft – Basic

In this oasis of calm, where natural elements and light tones with a soft finish create a safe cocoon of positivity,
I can enjoy and grow into the best version of myself.

Meet the Soft Shifter

The ‘Soft Shifter’ is a positive do-gooder. ‘Stay calm and everything will be fine’, is his motto. He likes to retreat back to his own home, his safe cocoon. From the outside, he looks calm, composed and peaceful. He appears to be a withdrawn type, but in reality he is fiery and passionate. Especially when it comes to topics like climate change and inequality, he has an extreme enthusiasm. He surrounds himself with home accessories that support his point of view.

It doensn’t surprise us, Soft Shifter’s favorite book is Robbie Rogge’s; Do one thing every day to change the world. He enjoys giving these as gifts to friends and family. This is how he cleverly conveys his vision in disguise, without being overwhelming. He repeats that same clever trick at home. He subtly manages to convey his sharp tongue and strong vision through his choice of products and styling.

This is what the interior looks like

This style mainly uses light colours with a warm finish. Consider light blues and browns, as well as pleasant pinks and greying jade. Shades that fall over us like a soothing mist. Basic design is used. Round or straight, nice and clean. Textures are matt and smooth complemented by natural textures of basketwork and raw clay. These designs bring the focus back to the plant, creating harmony and tranquility. That’s what the Soft Shifter loves. He loves pots made of eco-plastic, preferably with drainage system. Not out of convenience, but out of love for the plant, his favorite housemate. The style is mainly uncluttered and a bit loungy. Of course, with an occasional typical eye-catcher highlighting the Soft Shifter’s vision. For example, a traditional mouth-blown vase with dried flowers. An XL Artstone Bola with a Ficus tree. Or a rail with hand-knotted macramées, cement flower pots and various hanging plants.

This is what the garden looks like

The Soft Shift garden has Mediterranean features, kindly mixed with the Japanese Zen feel. We see terracotta pottery with elegant trees such as Japanese maple and Persian dormice. Pottery in soft tones with matt texture are favorites. Like a large concrete-colored Concrete pot with olive tree. At times, this idealist also dares to add a metal pot. Aluminum in particular appeals to him because of its weather-resistant nature. Of course, we also see a lot of eco pottery with drainage outdoors. From hanging pots and balcony planters to vases and bowls. If the weather permits, the plants are moved from inside to outside. This is of course possible with Artstone pots that have drainage systems that work both outside and inside. The Soft Shift garden can be packed with pots and plants, but in the same designs and colour, as too much contrast causes disbalance for this consumer type.

Trend room in the showroom

In our showrooms, you can really experience the trends for 2023! For The Soft Shift trend, we recreated a holiday loft modeled as a safe cocoon. With bed, bathroom, hanging pot/plant combinations and more which goes super well with this style. This trend room acts as a 3d moodboard and inspiration for your shop. We welcome you to our showrooms! Or save time and energy, and let your accountmanager do the walking by planning a videocall.