The year 2023 is all about Change. In this year full of change, the world will start to look very different. Above all, the world will feel different. Better and truer, clearer and more straight to the point. This will be preceded by a personal transformation process in which everyone will develop in their own way. Each person undertakes their own individual path of change. For everyone who joins this ‘movement’, the world will eventually feel more peaceful and pleasant. There is a greater connection with nature and other people.

In this journey of continuous change, personal living and gardening styles move with it.

Personal development and self-growth are on the agenda. The taboos around spirituality are coming to an end. Together, we will face the adventure of change. We start looking for our source, origin, and we find this only inside ourselves. At the same time, we learn and meditate. One shift after another is happening. By all means, we do everything to make ourselves and the world better. Aiming to feel better, be better for others to ultimately make the world a better place. On a personal level, we are making life-changing decisions, which also involves Lifestyle changing decisions. This adventure marks the origin of our three trends for 2023: Art of Change, The Soft Shift and Mind Full Color.