EFSA trends spring/summer 2019

Published on: 28 August 2018

The four new trends spring summer 2019 are titled: Vital Vibe, Magnetic Mix, Sassy Style and Colonial Chic. These renewing themes will inspire you with fresh new colors and styles themes tailored to different consumer groups. The trends are based on the forecast of Nelly Rodi Paris. The global leader in trend watching and forecasts for the international fashion and lifestyle industry. EFSA members, like us, use Nelly’s predictions as a reliable source for our new designs, collection and own themes.


”Urban & Outdoorsy” Open to the outdoors, yet very urban and contemporary, that is vital vibe theme. A warm environment full of light colored woods, natural fibers and leafy motifs. Vital Vibe has a strict structure, a graphic minimalism. The environment aware, relaxed consumer will feel right at home in this organic spirit in fresh greens and vibrant yellow, decorated with dozens of plants.

Light woods, woven baskets, Nomad spirit

The Vital Vibe colors consist of vegetal greens and tangy yellows. Touches of laboratory-like, chrome silver complete the base. Accent colors are natural shades ranging from white to skin tone pink and beige, for a fresh, optimistic and friendly feeling. As if a summer garden has entered the home.


”Fresh & Sculptural” 

The fresh, romantic feeling of Magnetic Mix speaks to the heart of the forward thinking consumer. Decorations are structured, with stylized lines and with water coloring, marble and cloudy effects. This environment is almost manifesto-like. A base of metallic grey shades combined with luminous colors of the unicorn scale give this trend theme an electrifying vibe.

Ultra matt or super shiny decorations, nothing in between

Magnetic Mix has metallic stellar greys and touches of spectral silver. These shades combined with radiant rainbow colors make for a romantic, vivid, modern atmosphere. Reminiscent of a unicorn’s tail.


”Classy & Warm”  The Sassy Style environment reminisces of a pleasant 50’s bungalow with it’s warm, rich feeling full of compact furniture in bold colors. Quality finishes are important, decoration is vintage, romantic and even Bohemian. Leather combined neutrals in the mix with navy blue in this classic habitat that is enriched with lots of velvet, embroidery and the occasional poppy.

Amenities are strict and have quality finishes, the ambiance is free-spirited

A base of sophisticated leather-colored neutrals with touches of patinated bronze combined with navy blues and fresh, silky dissonant shades create an elegant sassy ambiance. Furniture in this trend is often made of fearless, rich colors, with a velvet finish.


”Intrigiuing & Oriental” Colonial Southern East Asia is the main inspiration for this setting. This orientalist theme is intriguing with its dark wood, aquatic plant print, tropical furniture and touches of seagrass and bamboo. A base of faux khaki green and brown shades is combined with gold hints and dashes of bright colors. It’s a very appealing environment for the sophisticated spirit.

Intriguing exoticism, a mystical flavor, both baroque and oriental

Bright, radiant colors and slivers of golden bronze give this theme’s base an indulging, exotic feeling. The browns and greens characterize this precious and exiting theme. Natural pools and aquatic plants and insects like dragonflies and water lilies are a big inspiration and come back in patterns and prints.