EFSA trends Fall-Winter 2019-2020

Published on: 25 January 2019

The fall/winter of 2019/2020 is an opportunity to indulge in a contrasting choice of styles and moods. Trend bureau EFSA presents four trends that inspire.

Starting with the cosy rustic Bucolic Ballad where hand crafted accessories and natural materials play a big part. Find colours and free flowing extravagance in the exotic and Bohemian Muse Mix. The third trend, called Pastoral Poetry, is where blurred blues nestle alongside natural wood. Intricate artistic forms, inspired by nature is what you find in the Botanical Board, a green trend that is always looking forward to spring.


The allure of a rustic, yet contemporary lifestyle, embellished with crafts and decorations derived from nature’s riches. Dried foliage, flowers and edibles find their space in an ordered and functional environment. Authentic ceramics, hand-woven baskets and all manner of items made from wool, flannel, leather and linen complete the scene.

Cosy up in comfort and organised functionality

Bucolic Ballad sees a base of dried vegetal tones combined with the gradueted colours of changing autumn leaves, set off with a flash of gold. An invitation to hunker down for winter in nature’s own time-to-get-cosy pallet.


An overload of exotic flowers and birds creates a Bohemian world, where memories of discovering far-off lands fill the space with mix & match collections of precious items. Hippy chic influence brings an overload of patterns, fringes and pompoms. Tropical colours dance on dark backgrounds to create winter gardens that are anything but dull.

Exotic flowers, birds and animals influence everything

A base of tropical jungle green is set off with pinks from a parrot feather rainbow and a gold sunny accent. Contrasting these against dark backgrounds brings the exotic home for the winter.


The slow and natural pace of happy rural life, where silhouettes of the season’s bare branches go side-by-side with textiles and objects that remind of the animals still outside. Rustic, yet refined, Pastoral Poetry is abundant with handcrafted objects in a convivial and generous atmosphere that always feels at one with nature.

Refined rusticity creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere

A muted base of woody browns and greens is accented with indigo and purplsh cornflower blues, then finished with a flash of natural silver. The scheme is structured on woody, smoky, patinated inspiration.


In this homage to urban nature, industrial meets artistry with a love of botanicals. The promise of spring is celebrated through hand-painted leaves and glass terrariums, while knits and ceramics reflect the intricate form of the fern. An atelier-like feeling gives fresh space for charming, yet functional creativity.

Fresh new growth, even in the depths of winter

A base of urban grey and beige shades is accented with a gradation of fresh graphic greens, topped off with a touch of platinum. Looking forward to spring, right through the winter.