A brand new collection filled with the most beautiful glass decorative vases you’ve ever seen. Made for the florist, made to decorate and inspire. TS Glass appeals to all senses and offers urban luxury living enhancement. A surprising collection of traditionally blown first-class decorative glassware. An indispensable collection for the trendy and stylish floristry.


The new Glass collection fits Ter Steege perfectly, it stands for permanent innovation and a timeless look. For us, glass is a very logical new product group, it is the perfect addition to flower pots, metal, crockery and basketwork. All items are traditionally blown, pure handicraft and each item is truly unique. We often use multiple colors of glass, creating fabulous patterns and structures. We have chosen the most popular vase shapes, supplemented with surprising models that intrigue the consumer. We rejoice and broaden the market segment that loves flowers. Together we address a new revenue group.


Glass blower is a difficult profession that requires patience and aptitude. TS Glass is manufactured in the most traditional way. Thick liquid glass is heated on hollow poles and rotated with the right regularity and blown to the desired shape and size. Every object is truly unique. It is an excellent and absolutely beautiful collection of pure craftsmanship.

TS Glass is sustainable, both in design and in production. Moreover, it is a 100% natural product and 100% manual work. Glass never goes out of fashion!


Our collection is special in shape and color, TS Glass cannot be compared with other glass collections.

TS Glass flower vases belong in florists and home and lifestyle stores. They provide an exclusive atmosphere and luxurious decoration. In the larger garden centers they feel best at home in the flower shop of the garden center, but they can certainly also be shown in the indoor area. Spreading ensures better visibility among different consumer types.