The Cresta series: impressive, pure and simple

The Cresta series stands out for its style and simplicity. Because a good design is as little design as possible. With this handmade Cresta collection, this philosophy has been given a pure and stylish appearance. That this series is timeless, time has already proven, the series runs since 2013. It started with white flower pots and later high pots, now there are planters, boats, bowls and also XL pots available. We do not have to change anything about the design, but sometimes we come up with a new color. This year we introduce Ocher yellow.

TS Glazed

The TS Glazed collection is characterized by a variety of flower pots and items of strong ceramics, with a sublime glaze layer. The Cresta flower pots are made by hand and love in Portugal. It is a traditional product made from high quality clay. Clay is a natural product that breathes and is porous, so even after glazing and baking, a flowerpot is not guaranteed 100% waterproof.

Experienced craftsmen process the clay with the hands to the correct shape and size, after which the pots are dried, glazed and enter the oven. This traditional process ensures that every flowerpot is truly a unique item.

Waarm Ocher Yellow

Ocher yellow is the color of energy and optimism. It is a warm color that effortlessly illuminates every room with atmosphere. In addition, ocher yellow is the color of the autumn season 2019/2020.

Ocher yellow balances styles and materials, it works in a connecting way, both in shelving plans and atmosphere presentations. The unique ocher yellow of the Cresta series has also been specially created to blend perfectly with many other products from our new autumn collection, including the Green Decorations collection. Cresta ocher yellow is all you are looking for in a flower pot; stylish, elegant, powerful, durable and trendy. An indispensable series in the modern green world.