At the table we enjoy the best moments together. We laugh, we listen and we share our passions. This includes beautiful crockery that not only fits your own style but also blends with your flower pots and home accessories. Together with Sharon de Jager we created the ultimate mix and match service; Urban Nature.


Sharon is an impulsive creative mind that is guided by her imagination and experiences in daily life. As a little girl, Sharon learned to paint from her grandmother Neeltje, in Friesland. She never had professional painting lessons or followed an art education, she is a true self-taught. Her creations stem from her own experiences and imagination. She finds her inspiration in everything and everywhere, with her family as the main motivator.  Ter Steege and Sharon have a lot in common. We stand for pride in your family and being proud of yourself. It is our passion to make beautiful things.

URBAN NATURE tableware

Tableware can be boring, certainly not Urban Nature! It is a world of atmosphere and contrast.


We have specially designed this tableware for mixing and matching, you will never get bored of the six color series and three style series. Combine to your heart’s content with all your home accessories and flower pots, be inspired by your own character and style. Urban Nature is there to give your home even more passion and greenery.

Visit our showroom and let us show you how to best present Urban Nature tableware in the store!


“With this tableware, I really wanted to create something unique. I am very proud of the result, it is more beautiful than I could have imagined. A unique collector’s item that gives your personal style more intensity and depth. Tableware that you are proud of, just as proud as I am.”


Tableware, flower pots and home accessories that contribute to a green and comfortable home, where you can totally be yourself.



Joy & Bird

It can’t be exuberant enough in this style. So just mix and match with all the colors we have, nothing is too much. Your own festival vibe, Bohemian and yet elegant.

Combine Joy and Bird with sweet pink and purple and create the perfect setting for a festive high tea with sandwiches and all the sweets you can imagine.

Joy and Bird is cheerful and colorful.

Art & Vital

Fresh blues and greens bring the natural beauty to your table. Accentuate the serenity with blue basic crockery and add aqua for more depth. A few pink items ensure softness and make it milder.

This is the perfect composition for an organic lunch with whole-grain pasta and a piece of freshly caught wild salmon. Now that is freedom!

Art and Vital stand for relaxation, sustainability and balance.

Rich & Plant

Create a warm and generous ambiance by combining this style with ocher and purple tableware. With a neutral cream-based tableware you accentuate Sharon’s paintings and you maintain peace at the table.

Imagine a barbecue with a grilled piece of meat, crispy baguette and tasty salads. Pure enjoyment in your own way.

Rich and Plant are a daring duo that guarantee an atmospheric contrast.