Vases for dried flowers

‘The dried flower is no longer the dusty flower arrangement on grandma’s windowsill. In 2018, the first flower arrangements made of pampas grass appeared at hipster gatherings, meanwhile, dried flowers take up a significant share of flower sales,’ the Dutch newspaper AD, publishes on December 18, 2020.

This trend has not gone unnoticed by us either. A good enough reason for our stylists to develop a number of trends. Of course with sales supporting content. Following that, we also give you a number of sales arguments. Good to know! You can view and order all these trendy dried flower vases in the special category on our webshop.

Consumer trends with dried flowers

We have created three trends specifically focused on vases for dried flowers. We have chosen to combine the vases with a neutral basic collection of dried flowers. In this way, the design of the vases and the character of the trend is shown clearly. It also allows you as a green specialist to further explore style combinations and to decorate in a way that appeals to your personal target group.

Romantic Soul
Ceramic vases and pots in shades of pink and red. Supplemented with glass flower vases from the TS Glass collection. A style for romantic spirits.

Easy Breeze
Calming style with soft blue colors and contrast from dark purple and anthracite. Ceramic vases with remarkable textures.

Retro Chic
A touch of vintage and quirky is seen in this stylish trend. Glazed ceramics in yellow ochre with brown. Feel free to combine with tableware van Sharon by Ter Steege!

Sales supporting content

As a consulting supplier, we are happy to help you with attractive content. The content you see here is very suitable for the promotion of ‘Vases for dried flowers’, on webshops, websites and social media channels. We are happy to share this special content with our retailers in the form of a media kit including product images, social content and product details. Would you like to receive a ‘Vases for dried flowers’ media kit? Email Elke Rouweler at, and she will be happy to provide you with one.

Selling points

We would like to conclude by giving you a number of arguments and ideas. As a retailer, you can use these when selling dried flowers and matching vases.

  • Dry flowers are sustainable. They do not need water, it is of course a 100% natural product and they last a long time. So long, in fact, that consumers might want to change vases from time to time.
  • Dried flowers are available all year round. By playing with different vases, you can display the same dried flowers in different trends and seasons.
  • Offer ready-made trend combinations in the shop window or on the webshop. Consumers love unique eye-catchers that they can easily place in the interior without any extra action.
  • Dried flowers are practical and maintenance-free. And as far as styling is concerned, you can obviously help the consumer with that.
  • Communicate the benefits to the consumer. Dried flowers are unique, practical and durable, trendy and stylish. Advise the consumer which vase best suits a certain trend and style.
  • Offer personality and tailored advice. Ask the consumer what trend suits them, and what they are willing to spend. Create a surprising vase-dry flower combination.

Tip: Show the consumer how you can endlessly mix and match with one dried flower bouquet in different vases. Sell the consumer a basic dried flower bouquet that he can use all year round. Highlight a trendy combination every month. Always use a selection from the basic dried bouquet in combination with different vases. This encourages a commitment between you and your customer, and promotes recurring purchases. You can even make it a monthly subscription or ‘collect them all’ campaign. Creating unique arrangements will make your store stand out from the crowd.