We do our best to remain at your service 

Published on: 19 March 2020

At Ter Steege, we want to passionately ‘Provide an attractive and familiar home’. In these uncertain times, of the coronavirus, we want to continue to comply with this as well as possible, but with an appropriate interpretation.

We do our best to remain at your service

We think it’s important that we’re there for you, especially right now. That’s why we’re trying as hard as we can to keep doing our job. In this way we hope to continue to offer the personal service for which we are so well known. Together with all our colleagues, we do our best to achieve this. Nevertheless, things may not always go quite as you would expect from us in the coming period. That is why we ask for your understanding.

Health comes first

Your health and that of our team are the most important thing. That’s why we’ve taken a lot of hygiene measures. The guidelines of the RIVM are leading in this. We are proud of our team which, despite the changes, gets the best out of itself. And we are proud of you, our customer. Thank you for your confidence, in this crazy time.

We want to say to everyone: Take care of yourself and each other. A green environment is healthy! With a positive approach we try to get through this time safely and strongly together. Our team is always there for you!