We love to work together

Our main focus is on putting our customer, the retailer, at the center. We take that very seriously, and that is reflected everywhere in our culture and internal processes. From customized store presentations and customer-specific product lines to fruitful partnerships with partner companies in the green market. We strengthen each other by combining our products. For example if we need plants for a photo shoot or if a partner company needs pots for a trade show.

An example of a cooperation

At Schoneveld Breeding they produce strong varieties with a high ornamental value and a long shelf life. Such as the Cyclamen, which we wanted to put in the spotlight around Mother’s Day in combination with Artstone Claire. For that we need a few nice photos of pot and plant. A photo shoot in collaboration with Schoneveld is planned.

Our many years of cooperation with Schoneveld Breeding is based on mutual trust. We both know that people need plants and that plants need pots.


blossoming teamwork

As you can see, we not only highlight our own product. We deliberately emphasize the Cyclamen and the good combination of plant and pot. We are happy to tell you something about the beautiful products of our fellow companies. That is what working together means for us.

Passion for green

We work from a passion for greenery, which we like to convey to the people. That is the vision, the feeling from which we work. We are therefore very happy to seek cooperation in the green sector! Together we achieve more and we can provide our customers and consumers with better advice.


sharing content

After such a photo shoot, our design department creates targeted content that we use on social media channels and the consumer website. A blog or article is often attached here. We make all this content available to our customers. We like to share!

Stronger together

Working together makes us stronger, and working together is also a lot more fun! Together, let’s inform and inspire consumers in an attractive way. Contact Elke from our marketing department if you also want to collaborate with us. Mail her: elker@tersteege.nl