Growing & Blooming in spring 2022

The garden is calling, consumers are ready for it. They would like nothing better than to spend time with their pots and plants. We are getting our hands dirty again, in the soil. This spring, we opt for soft, pleasant colours, and we like to take the environment into account a little. Coziness is a priority. We see lots of dishes and bowls to decorate tables and terraces. We also see eco-friendly handicrafts and all sorts of things for the conscious balcony. Friendly rounded design and eco-friendliness are the main focus.

These are the trends

One thing is clear this year, it’s all about enjoying things responsibly. We want to relax in a green environment with materials that are recycled or with a natural origin. Products that make a positive contribution to climate and nature are in the lead. These are the garden trends this spring:


It’s spring, time to repot plants. This cheerful growth period is the ideal time to give existing plants a larger pot. Also seeds and cuttings can now be put in pots. Getting your hands dirty! Consumers’ fingers are getting greener, and enthusiasm for green continues to grow. Flower pots are more popular than ever. Unlike a plant in the open ground, a potted plant can be moved around. This is eminently ideal for cuttings and vegetable gardening, but also practical for all other plants. From inside to outside, from terrace to greenhouse, from shade to sun. A pot offers flexibility, and that’s totally 2022! This year we are committed to responsible pots. Made from recycled plastic. With drainage system, for healthy plant roots. Lightweight, so easy to move. Practically unbreakable and with timeless designs. This is what sustainability is truly all about.


A friendly balcony, that’s what we want. Pleasant for the planet and easy on the eye. Consumers like to decorate their balconies with pots and balcony planters in charming designs made from responsible materials. Think of the lightweight Cera-Mix and Wik’r balcony planters made from recycled plastic. Last but not least the Artstone balcony planters with their plant-saving drainage system and built-in water reservoir. This system prevents wastage of water, plants, plastic and money. The contemporary design and wide choice ensure that there is an ideal pot for every balcony. Still not convinced? Surprise your customer with the versatility of our balcony racks. Our designers have designed them to fit the TS Collection and Artstone balcony planters. This is how it can be done! View our selection of the most beautiful products for an eco- balcony in spring style.


Wik’r fits in perfectly with the spring of 2022. Charming and practical. These cosy outdoor baskets are hand-knotted from recycled plastic. They are sturdy and stronger than the traditional wicker basket. But just as cosy! Wik’r baskets are the match for the conscious consumer who is totally up-to-date. The Wik’r collection consists of numerous attractive basket sets. There are various designs in natural colours. Which design appeals most to your consumer?