Trendy designer WaterStone

Publié le: 13 septembre 2018

Our innovative trendy WaterStone from the TS collection is voted the number 1 accesory of Spoga Gafa 2018 by Carlotta Berta!

Carlotta is a well known trendwatcher and interiorblogger from Italy. Maybe you her from the many critical expert blogs she publishes about the newest design trends and developments in the interior world and garden industry.

Carlotta: ‘WaterStone is a water dispenser made of clay and cork, produced by the Dutch TS Collection. Simple design and natural colours: it sometimes doesn’t take much to create trendy objects.’

Read Carlotta’s article here.


Our WaterStone is simple, renewing, pretty and sustainable, it’s made from atural materials and fits perfectly in a trendy and stylish interior.


We are obviously very proud of our WaterStone from the TS indoor 2019 collection. It’s designed to bring more comfort and please plants and people. The only thing you need to do is fill the stone with water and then carefully press it in the sand with the plant. The roots of the plant will find the water.

After that you sometimes check if the stone is still filled with water. You ca do that by taking of the cork. Refill the stone under the tap or with a watering can. Couldnt be éasier. The WaterStone is very practical but also a designer item from our in house Dutch designers made to fit in a contemporary and trendy home. The stone is available in multiple colours and you can choose weather you prefer a figure, like a bird or frog, or an oval or regular stick.

The WaterStone is a hit already and will be in stores spring 2019!