Store presentations

Publié le: 09 janvier 2019

A store presentation can make or break a product. That is why we make, apart from beautiful pots, store presentations and shelf plans that promote sales.

Location, location, location

The time that the consumer only looked at the product and the price is over. Atmosphere and presentation nowadays play just as big a role. The placement and presentation of products is therefore becoming increasingly important. So here are opportunities for grabs. But what do you have to pay attention to when it comes to a store presentation?

You’ve heard the broker say: « It’s all about the location. » And he’s right. A product can be so great, if it is in the wrong place, nobody will buy it. Is the product easy to see? Is it in a logical place in terms of classification? Garden centers are often large and well-stocked with plants, pots and related items. Make it as easy as possible for the consumer and choose a good logistics format. That is the basis. In addition, the layout of the shelf is important.

Layout of the shelf

The location within a shelf may be an important factor for sales. The best running products are at eye level. If the product is completely below or above it is not easily visible, and not easy for everyone to grab. Not only the height within the shelf makes a difference, also the horizontal placement. Shopping people do not always complete the entire course along the shelf. When they have found what they were looking for, they often turn around and walk, as it were, in a sort of u-turn along the shelf. The products in the middle of the shelf therefore have more exposure than products on the sides. For example, per pottery series, we ensure that the best-selling items reach the shelf at eye level. When classifying shelf plans per pottery series, we take into account that psychology of the consumer. But even more, we anticipate data and experience.

Ter Steege app

With our new app we are now capable to give our retailers exactly what they ask for by improving customers shopping experience. The virtual assistant makes it possible to pick and place store our store presentations in your space and take a ‘live’ tour. You can also scan special markers with our app to gain insights and product information. Read more about our app here.

Plants and pots belong together!

People need plants and plants need pots. Plants and pots belong together. That is why plant tables and middle presentations are indispensable. Take your expertise into account and always give the correct example. Show how it is done to the customer and ensure the right and most beautiful plant pot combinations. If you combine the right size pot with the right size plant, that also yields more sales. That way you serve the customer with super service!

Themes and tips

We classify flower pots and home accesories in style themes and we combine the materials and series with each other so that they come out best. For each theme, we design an unique print and atmosphere and color scheme. Read more about our annual themes here. We also add plants and pots, so that the consumer gets a clear picture of the ambiance. He knows what it would look like at his home. This creates an attractive presentation that inspires the consumer. The presentation is a feast for the eyes, which promotes sales.
But you can not only work with atmospheres, especially if you have a large assortment. Shelves with pots serve not only as a display window but also as storage. There must be enough storage on the shelf and it must be clear what you offer. But you also want to show the pots as attractive as possible. We now know that it works well to interrupt a shelf with a large print. We use the thematic prints of our own design as signing. A neatly arranged display is key.

Green Decorations

Because of the success of the style themes, we have chosen to optimize and expand this way of working. Green Decorations is the result, where atmosphere, personality and quality merge into one inspiring presentation. A stylish showcase of trendy and stylish green items that stimulates the imagination, provokes creativity and stimulates sales.

Soon we will tell you more about Green Decorations, stay tuned!